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FTDA Shop for all

Post by (Leader) Dragon on Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:56 am

I am opening up this to all guilds yet all guilds are aloud to have their own shop so let me get started

Here you can buy decks for FC
Blackwing 450 FC
Batterman OTK 850 FC
Legalized Exodia deck (once purchased) 5000 FC
~Guild Forum~
Here you can buy your guild a forum and such
Guild forum 100 FC
Guild Logo 250 FC
Guild Testing(this allows guild leaders to test people just for the guild) 750 FC
Here You can do things for guild
Create Jobs 50 FC
Create Tournament just for guild 200 FC
Create War 250 FC
Create War to take over a guild(if the challanger wins they get all the members of the other guild) 450 FC
Advertised on banner(your clan will be put as number 1 in FTDA on the top of the banner) Must win in a big test war made by the counsel of 4 and pay 25 FC
Make a guild 50 FC
Challange a Leader for posession of their guild 450 FC

So yep thats it just contact one of the admins mainly me (Jmugrage@yahoo.com)
(Leader) Dragon
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One in the counsel of 4

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