Rules and warnings

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Rules and warnings

Post by (Leader) Dragon on Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:23 pm

Hello and Welcome to FTDA and i will give u the list of rules u must follow in the forum and in the chat box read carefully if u don't read u might get banned.

Rules For Forum
-No spamming
-No innapropriate links or images
-No cussing
-No Being a jerk to any members or admins
-No Advertising
-No having multiple accounts

Forum Punishments
1x Delete of post and warning
2x Delete of posts and Ban for 1 Day
3x Delete of posts and Ban for 14 Days
4x ip ban for 39 Days and if for advertising u will be ipban forever
5x ip ban forever

Chatbox Rules
-No spam
-No cussing
-No Bullying
-No abusing
-No sexual comments
-No advertising
-No inapropriate stuff

Chatbox Punishments
1x ban from chat for 15 mininutes
2x ban from chat for 1 day and 15 minutes and ban from forum for a day
3x ban from forum for 3 days
4x ipban for 10 days
5x ipban forever
(Leader) Dragon
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One in the counsel of 4

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